required a student-Industrial Engineering & Management faculty

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שם התפקידrequired a student-Industrial Engineering & Management faculty
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Call for Applicants: Research Assistant (RA)
The research assistant will be responsible for coding of the extracted from archival sources on top management teams and boards of directors of publicly listed companies in the United States. The research assistant will receive a list of companies and years for which the data is to be coded as well as predefined guidelines for data coding. The research assistant will then use the Edgar SEC database to search for company annual reports from which the information about the top management teams and boards of directors is to be extracted and code relevant information in a designated excel sheet.

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We seek excellent RAs with a high GPA. The candidate should have basic knowledge in business and the corporate environment. We also require proficiency in English for reading the annual reports. Oral and written communication skills in English are required to enable discussion of the research progress with the team in Zurich. The candidate should have the ability to work independently and demonstrate accuracy and diligence. Knowledge of Excel is required. Prior experience with coding of corporate data and working with corporate databases such as Edgar is an advantage, though not mandatory. The RA will receive a short introduction and training with respect to the research tasks.

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We expect about 300 hours in total. The working hours during the week are flexible, and the work can be done from anywhere using internet connection. Priority will be given to RAs who can devote more hours per week. There may be an opportunity for future employment in the case of highly qualified RAs.
2-3 months, depending on the number of hours worked per week.

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Application and contact
Please send an email with your CV and recent gradesheet to Prof. Dovev Lavie via email Qualified applicants will be interviewed until the position is filled.